Google Map Extractor

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💢 “Google Map Extractor হল একটি powerful data scraping tool যা Google Maps-এর data, যেমন businesses-র names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information extract করে। Advanced filtering, custom search queries, and batch processing-র মাধ্যমে, users-রা quickly and efficiently valuable data collect করতে পারেন। Data export options-র সাথে, this tool is ideal for market analysis, lead generation, and various other business needs.”

1. *ডাটা এক্সট্র্যাকশন:* Google Maps থেকে businesses-র contact information extract করা।
2. *অ্যাডভান্সড ফিল্টারিং:* Specific criteria অনুযায়ী data filter করা।
3. *জিও-লোকেশন ডাটা:* Businesses-র exact location data collect করা।
4. *Custom Search Queries:* Custom keywords and locations use করে search করা।
5. *Data Export:* Extracted data CSV, Excel, or other formats-এ export করা।
6. *Batch Processing:* Multiple locations or categories-র data simultaneously extract করা।
7. *User-Friendly Interface:* Easy-to-use interface for non-technical users।
8. *Speed and Efficiency:* Fast data extraction without manual effort।
9. *Regular Updates:* Tool update to comply with Google Maps API changes।
10. *Support Multiple Languages:* Different languages-র data extract করা।
11. *Data Accuracy:* High accuracy rate with up-to-date information।
12. *Customer Support:* Technical support for any issues or questions।
13. *API Access:* Developers-র জন্য API access for custom applications।
14. *Compliance with Policies:* Google’s terms and policies respect করা।


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